Lip Enhancement

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Lip enhancement / augmentation is the use of filler to give fullness, definition and volume to the lip area. Most people feel that the topical anaesthetic cream is sufficient for this procedure as the filler has anaesthetic inside it. A dental block can be performed if it is needed.


Some clients may notice localised bruising and swelling to the area, but this will fade after 2-3 days and can be easily covered with make up. Each person is different and results may vary.


A full and plump smile can be built up gradually over time. Please discuss your expectations at your consultation.


Number of treatments

Procedure time

Level of discomfort


Recovery time

Results seen
Duration of Results

Usually one

30 minutes


Topical cream


9-12 months


1ml Teoxane RHA 3


For best results, lip filler should be maintained every 6 -9 months.

0.7mls Teoxane RHA kiss