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Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin causes a darkened appearance to the skin in either small or large areas. 


Pigmentation is the natural colour of a person’s skin and it is related to melanin production. Melanin protects skin cells and their DNA by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVR). Darker skin types, in general, are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation than lighter skin types because their skin naturally contains more melanin. 


Melasma Linked to endocrine system (hormones). Post-Inflammatory Linked to trauma/ burns/ acne / poorly performed treatments. 


Age Spots Linked to UVA exposure, pollution and DNA damage. 


Hyperpigmentation Types and Triggers: 

  • UV induced: This type of hyperpigmentation shows in the form of freckles, age spots and uneven skin tone. It is caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays (UVR), whether from the sun or tanning beds. 

  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH): PIH is found in areas of the skin that have been subjected to inflammation due to trauma, acne or irritation (eg. fragrances). Inflammation stimulates Langerhans cells (immune cells), which alter the activity of melanocytes (skin cells), causing increased pigment production. ​

  • Melasma (chloasma): Melasma appears as symmetrical patches most often on the cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. It can be related to pregnancy, birth control pill, menopause or hormone replacement therapy.


The Hyperpigmentation Process:

  • Hyperpigmentation triggers eg. Inflammation, UV rays, hormones. 

  • Melanin production is stimulated within melanocytes. Tyrosinase is one of the key enzymes in this process.

  • Melanin is transferred from melanocytes to skin cells.

  • Skin cells are in a constant state of upward motion to the surface.

  • Skin develops dark spots or areas on the surface, or is uniformly darker (as in a tan).


Hyperpigmentation can become darker as the skin cells move closer to the surface. This point is important because with many treatments, hyperpigmentation can darken in appearance before fading. 

Treatment Pathway

1. Antioxidant protection for cells 


2. Degrade pigment already produced


3. Increase cell


4. Protect against UVB & UVA 


Treatment Choices


Purifying Gel Cleanser - This foamy gel cleanser is perfect for an oily skin type.  It soothes, whilst removing impurities, oil and environmental pollutants.


HydraBoost - This gentle yet hydrating cleanser will remove impurities, excess oil and make-up.  It is suitable for normal/dry skin.


Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25 & 0.5 - These microencapsulated resurfacing serums dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving the tone and texture of your skin. This formula will also improve the size of pores, and even skin tone. The microencapsulated technology enables soothing and hydrating of the skin overnight in comfort. 

AHA Renewal serum - This powerful AHA enhances the texture and tone of the skin, whilst reducing the visible signs of ageing. It promotes smoother brighter and more radiant skin.


EverActive C&E - This award winning antioxidant serum reduces the visible signs of ageing in all skin types. This unique delivery system ensures that the 15% Vitamin C complex is always optimally active. The skin will be strengthened, brightened and protected from free radicals.


EvenTone Brightening Serum - A lightweight serum that contains naturally powerful skin brightening agents that help to inhibit new pigment formation.  The skin will appear brighter, more even and the appearance of pigmentation will be reduced. 


IntelliBright Complex - This lightweight serum contains naturally powerful skin lightening agents. It evens skin tone whilst improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 


Vitamin Rich Smoother - This is formulated with antioxidants vitamins C and E, to brighten and revitalise the tone and texture of the skin. The silky texture is a perfect primer for makeup and leaves the skin feeling smooth. 


HydraLight (Normal / Oily) - A hydrating formula that is packed with powerful peptides, antioxidants and soothing ingredients. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst helping to neutralise free radicals.


HydraDew (Normal / Dry) - An intensely hydrating cream that is loaded with powerful peptides, antioxidants and soothing ingredients. It will nourish and firm the skin whilst combating the signs of ageing.


Choose from the range of broad spectrum SPFs.


Moisture Matte - A broad spectrum physical barrier that smiths and hydrates whilst absorbing excess oil to give a matte finish. It comes in the shades Ivory, Sand and Amber.


Sheer Hydration - A powerful broad spectrum physical SPF that is soothing and moisturising. It is offered in both tinted and untinted.


Clear shield - A light weight, non-comedogenic physical sunscreen that gives a powerful broad spectrum protection.