Tear Trough Filler

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Tear troughs are the hollows underneath the eyes. Over time the area becomes sunken in, and appearance of the orbital rim becomes more apparent.


This area can be treated with filler. The filler is placed in the orbital rim to improve the appearance of the hollow.


This treatment is not suitable for everyone, so a consultation prior to the procedure is advised. Side effects can include localised bruising tenderness and swelling.


Number of treatments

Procedure time

Level of discomfort


Recovery time

Results seen

Duration of Results


30 minutes


the less invasive method of a cannula is used

Immediate - Full in 2 weeks
12 months


An improvement can be seen immediately, but the full effect will be at around 2 weeks.

Teoxane Redensity II



The two products I always recommend are AlumierMD AluminEye™ and AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel. 


AluminEye™ immediately lightens the appearance of under-eye darkness and puffiness. The inclusion of Matrixyl® Synthe’6® also strengthens the skin and supports it’s elasticity by increasing the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.


AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel with 0.1% microencapsulated retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet by stimulating collagen production and increasing cell turnover.

Last of all is the in clinic treatment of tear trough filler using Redensity II - the only filler that is licensed for this area. A beautiful filler that contains amino acids antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate the under eye area. 


This eye cream is a rich anti - ageing eye cream that will significantly improve the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. This best selling product has Nicinamide to help and increase ceramics in the delicate area, which will also calm redness, hydrate and brighten the skin. Amongst many other ingredients, it has the amazing MATRIXYL synthe’6,  a peptide naturally found in collagen and laminas, which will strengthen the skin, improve elasticity, in turn improving those fine lines and wrinkles. 

Retinol Eye Gel

This is an innovative micro encapsulated anti - ageing retinol eye gel that will dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst firming the skin.  The micro encapsulated nature of the product ensures that it is delivered to the skin gradually overnight.  The skin will be strengthened, fine lines and wrinkles reduced.  The retinol also helps to target blemish prone skin by unclogging pores, improving the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.