Back to basics - what is BOTOX?

What is botox?

Botulinum toxin A is the name of the drug. Brands such as ‘Botox’ ‘Azzalure’ or ‘Bocouture are the brands most commonly used in the UK. It is a prescription drug, and you must have a face to face consultation with a prescribing medic in order to issue the prescription. In order to ensure safety, it must be purchased from a reputable aesthetic pharmacy. The product that I personally use is Botox® which I have found to give really fantastic results.

When injected into the targeted area, it works by blocking the nerve impulses to that particular muscle group, therefore relaxing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The most common area for injection are frown lines ( the lines between the brows or ’11’s'), forehead and crows feet (around the eyes). Once the muscle is no longer active and moving, the skin will naturally soften and allow the lines to ‘relax’, improving the appearance of these lines. You must be 18 or over to have this treatment.

You cannot have botox injections if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Crows feet

The muscle that is targeted in this area is called the Obicularis Occuli. Its is a sphincter muscle around each eye that squeezes inwards.

They are completely normal when smiling, but if you do not like the look of them they can be improved! It is not something that is genetic per se, but there may be similarities in the appearance of some lines that may follow family traits.

Frown lines

Yes they are completely normal! Everyone will eventually get them eventually, earlier if you have an expressive face! Botox® will improve these lines, and in some cases get rid of them completely (temporarily of course).

The muscle group that is treated in this instance is the Corrugator and Procerus, with the use of botox will inhibit the formation of these lines.


Again completely normal! Treating the frontal muscle with Botox can help with these lines. A full assessment will be carried out, as depending on your age and skin laxity, the forehead might not be the most appropriate area to be treated.

One area - £125

Two areas £175

Three areas £230

Additional areas that can be injected are:

  • A downward turned mouth

  • Bunny lines (lines at the top of the nose)

  • Smooth chin dimpling

  • Gummy smile - showing a lot of your teeth and gum area when smiling.

If you love the treatment, you can continue to have it every 12 weeks; if you choose never to have it again then there will be no residual effects. It does not change your face in any way, it does not change how your muscles move or work, and it does not make any other area of your face worse in any way.

It has been used in the cosmetic industry for many years, and is considered safe if used by a medically trained professional. Your face will appear refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch, or book a free 15 minute consultation.

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